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Åsne Eldøy's temporary installation entitled Development (2017) consists of a photograph projected onto a water tank containing water and a concrete landscape.

The landscape is reminiscent of imitations of nature found in aquariums, which often contain small rock formations and reefs. This installation is based on a limestone quarry in Limhamn outside Malmö. The quarry has now been converted into a nature reserve and is thus protected from human encroachment.

Limestone is one of the main components in concrete and large quantities of carbon dioxide are released when it is subjected to high-temperature treatment. In Development, the water tank is filled with cement, gravel and water in the same ratio as that used for making concrete. The actual hardening of the concrete occurs during the course of the exhibition. The photos in the installation contain three versions of the limestone quarry: a) the projection that is shown in the newly created concrete landscape, b) a photo that is reflected back onto the wall as a mirrored version and c) just the top of the projected image which can be seen on the "back" of the water tank.

In this part, the entire quarry has disappeared and we can see new houses and cranes. Eldøy's work could be included in the climate debate, since mining as a source of pollution is an important challenge. She has had a longstanding interest in geology and this is reflected in many of her works. However, her work goes beyond this. It also deals with fundamental issues in the relationship between reality and photography, through the three photographic versions of the limestone quarry, all of which create slightly different perspectives of the landscape. Her work also has a presence that is very seductive, using the combination of light, water and a glass container. In particular, the photo reflected back onto the wall of the water tank resembles a camera obscura image.

This text has been taken from an essay written for the exhibition catalogue by Christine Hansen, the co-curator of the exhibition.

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