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Outdoor exhibition by Knut Egil Wang

The exhbition period is over

Kommandørkaptein Klincks vei 7,
NO-3183 Horten

Wednesday–Friday 11am –3pm
Saturday–Sunday 11am–4pm


Wang is a photographer who’s able to see the human within the empty and the extraordinary within the ordinary. Wang’s images might seem absurd and often quite humorous, but they also reflect his great love for people and all the weird things people do.

Standstill - Short summary

When Norway went into lockdown on the 12th of March 2020, Knut Egil Wang instantly knew that he needed to document the situation. He aimed to transfer the strange atmosphere experienced outside into images. But how? How do you photograph emptiness, that which doesn’t exist, the absence of life and activity? Wang roamed through the streets of Oslo by foot and by car to catch glimpses of people’s efforts to maintain the flow of everyday life. The result became a series of photographs influenced by humour, warmth and humanity.

Wang is the festival exhibitor of this year's Photography Day. He is a freelance photographer and a member of the photographer collective Moment. One of his images, a portrayal of Oslo during the lockdown, was earlier this year awarded Photo of the Year by the Press Photographers Club. This is the second time Wang receives this award.

On the wall facing Preus museum, 13 of Wang's photos will be exhibited over the summer. Maybe they will inspire you to your own gaze on the times we're living in?

On the Photography Day 28th of August, a second exhibition will open indoors at Artilleriverkstedet (the building adjacent to Preus Museum) with more images. Knut Egil Wang will also hold a lecture during this event.

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