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Outdoor exhibition

The exhibition period is over

Kommandørkaptein Klincks vei 7,
NO-3183 Horten

Wednesday–Friday 11am –3pm
Saturday–Sunday 11am–4pm

My Sanctuary

Once upon a time, a group of teenagers were bored of the everyday. They were bored of their depressive boring everyday lives, characterized by boring school days, and a pandemic which would not disappear any time soon. They were so bored of the coronavirus that they decided to do something creative. They wanted to do something creative in order to enjoy life more, and to feel free. Therefore, they dressed up as fairytale figures and other characters from Norwegian folklore. They took their instruments, wandered off into the woods and started playing.

What do young people’s sanctuaries look like during the pandemic? Preus Museum have collaborated with Horten High School in the creation of an outdoors exhibition as seen from a teenager’s perspective?

What is a sanctuary? Which sanctuaries still exists, and which ones have changed during the pandemic? Media students from Horten Videregående (Horten High School) was given a collaborative task in staging their personal sanctuaries. They participated in a workshop at Preus Museum before they continued their work with the project at school. Through images and text, the media students convey their personal stories.

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