Juryed exhibition 2019

Would you like to exhibit your photos on Photography Day? Whether you are an amateur or professional, artistic or commercial photographer, you are welcome to submit your photos.
The deadline for submission is 29 May 2019.

Before you upload, consider that you will have to be present and mount your own pictures on Photography Day Sunday 18th of August, if your pictures are chosen by the jury.

This year's Photography Day is held on the 18th of August. We encourage you to submit contributions to focus on this year's theme: animalistic. However, it is still possible to submit other good projects that do not relate to the topic.

Montering av juryert utstilling (foto:  Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)

Photography Day is a festive day for the whole family, with exhibitions, lectures and activities for all; families, professionals, artists and amateurs. The event takes place both outdoors and indoors. One of the main attractions on Photography Day is the big juried exhibition.
You can submit up to ten images, and you are free to select your subject. The photos should display a thematic connection even if they are not necessarily a series.

The images are selected by a jury of experts who look for images with visual quality. The jury is free to choose the images to be displayed. Employees by Preus museum can not participate in the exhibition.

The selected photographers will get confirmation of the participation in June. The jury will award the most interesting contributions. The three winners will be announced on Photography Day Sunday August 18.


On Photography Day on August 18, the photographers/exhibitors will mount the photographs themselves at the indoor venue. The pictures should be mounted without unframed.



Den juryerte utstillingen. (Foto: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)

Juried exhibition. (Photo: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)



  • Please register by clicking the blue button. You will gain access to "My page" and your account is registered. It will be available until the deadline on May 29. You will be able to add, delete and edit your images and your information until the deadline. After May 29 you will be able to see your images, but no longer edit them.
  • Select up to 10 pictures.
  • Each of the digital files should have a minimum size of 1MB and a maximum size of 2MB and should be stored in JPEG format.
  • Name each JPEG file with your name (name_surname) and number them (1, 2, 3). Example: ''olsen_gry1 " '' Olsen_gry2'', etc.
  • Optional: Upload a project description, max 200 words 
  • Optional: Upload your CV

The deadline is May 29 2019.



Den juryerte utstillingen. (Foto: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)

Juried exhibition. (Photo: Andreas Harvik/Preus museum)

The walls of the juried exhibition are 120x150 cm, and each photographer mounts his/her images within this area.

Having problems? Send us an e-mail, and we will help!

Juryed exhibition 2019

© Agnete Brun, Aylar Lie with dog. Fashion series at Ekeberg senior home, 2008. Collection of Preus Museum

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