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Exhibition opening Lee Miller - War and Fashion

Who was Lee Miller? Undoubtedly a complex and extraordinary woman. She was recognised for her work as a war correspondent, photographically witnessing everything from the hell in the Nazi death camps to the liberation of Paris in 1944. In between, her life as a successful model, the muse of Surrealism, and Man Ray’s lover, was frequently in the media. 

Fashion reflects its time and fashion in war is often a response to what is happening. It is also about maintaining a normality under the most difficult conditions. The destruction of war causes everyday situations that lead not only to change but also to renewal in fashion. Lee Miller was a pioneer in fashion photography, moving the shoots from salons and studios into the streets.

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From the exhibition Lee Miller: War and Fashion (photo: Ingri Østerholt/Preus museum)

kl 13.00: Talk "Women at the front" by curator Hanne Holm-Johnsen
kl 14.00: Official opening by Lee Miller's grandchild Ami Bouhassane. Tour of the exhibitions by Ami Bouhassane and Hanne Holm-Johnsen
kl 14.30 - 15.30: Book signing in the museum shop
kl 12.00 - 15.00: Open library

Opening of the exhibition Wartime simultaneously