Current exhibitions

Through the exhibition program, Preus Museum displays Norwegian and international photography. Photographs from the collection are also shown, commenting the history of photography. The exhibition horizon is long, showing a combination of self-produced exhibitions and inaugural exhibitions, both national and international.

Lee Miller

07.04. - 08.09.2019

The muse of the surrealists, model, war correspondent, fashion photographer - Lee Miller's life and work is like taken from a movie


07.04. - 08.09.2019In a period of war and conflict, several female photographers were active in the public sphere. The exhibition offers new unknown images from some that were forgotten.

A history of photography

The exhibition gives an acquaintance with the pre-photographic technologies where the idea of an image was created, then moves to the enormous breadth of experimentation and research that...

Ikoniske bilder

07.04 - 10.08.2019

Hva kjennetegner et ikonisk bilde? Er det et bilde som provoserer, eller tvinger oss til å føle? Eller er ikke forklaringen så enkel?