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The Photo Workshop

The Photo Workshop

Photo Quiz (Photo: Christine Wendelborg/Preus museum)

The museum's own photo workshop for schoolchildren and youth!

Here you can find all the offerings of our workshop

We've gathered our various workshop offerings into the Photo Workshop. Here you'll find opportunities for brief or longer-term projects.
We accept groups of up to 30 students. The groups are divided in two, so that a maximum of 15 people is in each. One of the groups is taken on guided tours; the other uses the workshop. We switch at the halfway point of the visit.
The children's photo workshop has received support from the DNB Savings Bank Foundation and Arts Council Norway and is in continual development.

Digital Photography Workshop

You can receive a secret problem and go hunting with a digital camera!

Snap your fingers and learn with your iPod

Learn simple editing of pictures, and also learn a little about yourself

Sunprint Workshop

We conjure up pictures with the help of sun, water, and magic paper!

Photo Quiz

Quiz boxes with light and sound make a terrific finish to the day. Students are tested on their newly gained knowledge.

Picture Lotto

Go hunting in the exhibitions


Pinhole Photography - Mini Version

A brief introduction to analog magic

Pinhole Photography - Short Version

Try being a paint-can photographer!

Analog Darkroom Course - Full Offering

Get to know the world of analog

Kubbe (Cubby) at the museum

A special place for kindergarten children. We read aloud and the children take photographs.

Make festive decorations from photographs

You can do this DIY-project at jome, or at the museum with your school-class.